“If you believe in something great, you can achieve something great!”


Tiffany McQuaid, President of McQuaid & Company, is not only our Broker, but has a marketing and promotions background, which explains her unique approach when it comes to running her business. The Ohio native, has an expert’s eye and much experience in capitalization and commercialism, so when the opportunity to start a brokerage in Bayfront was presented, she saw the vision she wanted to accomplish. After just a short four years of opening her doors, Tiffany has continued to grow the company and is being recognized globally as a rising top producer and innovator in the Real Estate world. Tiffany has a true gift for maintaining her “boutique style” Real Estate Firm, which focuses solely on the client’s needs, adding value to the experience and she has hand-picked every Realtor. The Team at McQuaid & Company is not just about business as usual, but is a TRUE FAMILY!

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Favorite Food:

Pizza! A slice of heaven for me.

Proudest Moment:

After Hurricane Irma hit our area, being a part of the “we’re in this together” mentality within the community! The neighbors helping neighbors kind of compassion truly warmed my heart!

Superhero Power:

Creative vision in 3D technicolor.

Alarm Clock:

Up before 5 am daily.

McQuaid & Company is:

My Why. Period.

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